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Welcome to Rustyoldstuffnfings Keith Martins Emporium of mystery and mayhem. I do hope you find things to your liking as you ramble through our Web-Site.
I am often asked why I have a singing pig as a logo. It goes back to the 70's & 80's when I was a pig farmer. I used to collect pig swill from hotels, restaurants and the B.B.C studios and I was affectionately known as "Piggy". Once when I took my very young boys with me one chef said as we entered the kitchen "Oh it is Piggy and the Piglets". Good name for a pop group I thought. Well 40 years on there is no pop group.  "Hooray" I hear you say but I do write and sing my own songs. My friends Mary and Mick do the arrangements and recordings. So, go on, click on the pig,  have a listen and enjoy.

Rustyoldstuffnfings has many more props than are featured on our web-site. In order to view our comprehensive and ever increasing stock a visit is highly recommended.

Please note we do not normally provide transport services for props. Please ensure your vehicle is big enough for the job!

Although transport can be arranged should you require this service.

The old, the unusual, rusty, used or modern. You name it, we have got it or can try and get it
The Music Track on the pig is from Keiths Album "No Love Ever Goes To Waste" available from Keith or from cd Baby. Click the link to sample the full album.

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